Pilot Kisses the Tarmac After Heart-Pounding Emergency Landing

The small plane skidded on its nose after a mechanical error.

A Florida pilot made it clear just how overjoyed he was to be back on solid ground after performing an emergency landing in a small aircraft with landing gear problems.

The unnamed instructor for the flight school Wayman Aviation could be seen kissing the tarmac in a video taken by the Total Traffic and Weather Network.

He was reportedly giving a lesson to a commercial pilot training to be an instructor Thursday morning when the incident occurred.

They were landing the Piper PA-28 at North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines when the nose gear collapsed, sending the plane skidding on the tarmac.

"It was a nice, safe controlled emergency landing," flight school vice president Eddy Luy said in an interview with the Sun Sentinel. "Everyone is safe and unharmed. This is exactly what training is for — 90 percent is for emergency procedures, the 'what ifs.'"

Luy speculated the emergency landing was a result of a mechanical failure, but insisted the plane was recently serviced.

The Federal Aviation Administration is currently investigating the incident.