This Pilot Survived a Plane Crash, Then Documented What He Did to Survive in the Forest

Matt Lehtinen crashed in the remote Canadian wilderness and then recorded his rescue.

One pilot is lucky to be alive today after crash-landing, and he recorded every moment on his cellphone.

Minnesota mining executive Matt Lehtinen was flying from Newfoundland to Quebec City on July 27 when he says his Cirrus SR22 encountered engine trouble.

“I just felt compelled whether I made it out alive or not that this would be an experience people could learn from so I felt compelled to record it,” he said.

He deployed the plane's built-in parachute just before the aircraft slammed into the mountainside.

"The first thing I did was notify my family that I was on the ground safe,” he said. 

He went into survival mode, seeking out the plane and its GPS. He also grabbed supplies, knowing the plane was leaking fuel and could explode at any moment.

He made a fire, hoping smoke would lead rescuers to him. It worked, as the Royal Canadian Air Force spotted him. 

After five hours, he was rescued by a chopper that pulled him to safety.

"I’m very grateful to be alive,” he said.