Pilot's Wife Films His Incredible Emergency Landing in Desert

When his engine failed, the pilot wanted to keep his wife calm and busy.

A quick-thinking pilot wanted to take his wife's mind off the fact that he needed to make an emergency landing after he says the engine failed. So he told her to record it. 

Mark Dilullo took his wife, Lisa Dilullo, out for a test run of their plane when he says the engine suddenly quit working. Lisa was scared, but fortunately Mark runs an aviation business and trains flight students, so he's used to having to make what's known as a forced landing, he said.

To keep Lisa calm, he directed her to record him as he glided the plane down to the Mojave Desert near San Bernardino County, California. They weren't even injured. 

While he wasn't able to communicate with air traffic control, he was able to get in touch with other pilots in the air, who contacted San Bernardino rescue crews to respond. It took just an hour and half to locate the couple. 

Watch the dramatic footage above.