Police and Fire Officials Team Up for 'Uptown Funk' Lip Sync Battle

They danced around the streets of Monroe, Georgia, in sleek sunglasses.

What do a policeman and a firefighter have in common? Their "Uptown Funk," of course.

The City of Monroe Police Department in Georgia teamed up with the local fire department to put together a music video, lip syncing to Bruno Mars’ hit song.

The video, posted to their Facebook page, featured several police officers in sleek sunglasses dancing around the streets of Monroe, occasionally engaging bystanders. 

Coincidentally, the police officers found their way inside a firehouse during the chorus, “I’m too hot/Called a police and a fireman,” and had firefighters join in on the lip sync.

The department is now challenging other law enforcement agencies to join the fun, and make their own lip sync video.

Meanwhile in Iowa, the Indianola Police Department were also getting their funk on, showing off their best flossing as made famous by the Backpack Kid and his viral performance on SNL.