Prized Pigs Found Safe After 48-Hour Search in Colorado for Stolen Truck and Animal Trailer

Stolen pigs
Myles Lee, 15, and his Duroc barrow, also known as Doug.Facebook/Blaine Lee

The Lee family was devastated when their two show pigs were abducted after someone drove off with their truck and trailer that was parked in a Denver motel parking lot.

For the Lee family of Washington, the National Western Stock Show went on Wednesday after they were able to recover their stolen prized pigs.

The plump pigs had been abducted over the weekend when someone drove off with the family's truck and trailer, which contained Doug and Roger, the aforementioned swine. 

The Lees had driven more than 24 hours to the National Western Stock Show in Denver, and had left the four-legged pair in a motel parking lot. The pig-napping happened as the family slept.

But police were able to find the abandoned truck and trailer, with Doug and Roger still inside, on Tuesday.  They were on the side of a road about 10 miles from where they were stolen.

“We’re speechless and overwhelmed with joy and happiness that we have the truck and trailer back, but especially the pigs,” said 15-year-old Myles Lee, who made the journey with his parents, according to the Farm Journal's PORK website.

Doug and Roger were dehydrated and had lost about 10 pounds each during their ordeal. But after being reunited with the Lees, the pair ate and drank like ... well, you get it.

Both were scheduled to appear Wednesday in the prestigious pig show.

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