Pushy Pig Escapes Enclosure to Mate With Sows Next Door, Fathers 71 Piglets

Pushy pig fathers 71 piglet.
This little piggie has been very busy.Kew Little Pigs

A boar named Blanket at a micro pig petting farm in Britain now has a lot of kids, er, piglets, running around.

A pint-sized pig named Blanket is a bit of a cad.

At a petting zoo in Britain, Blanket managed to launch himself over a fence and romance several sows, resulting in him fathering 71 piglets.

The hefty porker gave himself away by breaking a bench he used as a launching pad. After leaping a fence more than four feet high, he began rutting two sows in front of visitors at the petting enclosure, according to staff at Kew Little Pigs.

Blanket and his broken escape device. - Kew Little Pigs

There are no more benches in Blanket's domain.

"Enough was enough," Olivia Mikhail, the petting zoo's owner, told the BBC.

 "Now he has broken the bench and we have put extra measures in place, sadly for Blanket and his girlfriends the fun is over," she said.

One of the new moms, courtesy of Blanket, and their offspring. - Kew Little Pigs

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