Professor Holds Single Mother's Baby So She Can Take Exam

Dr. Julie George holds her student's fussy baby during an exam.
Dr. Julie George holds her student's fussy baby during an exam.(Natalie Norman)

“Being a single mom is hard and being in nursing school is even harder," 22-year-old Katie Lewis told

Being a single mother attending school full time is no easy feat, but one kindhearted professor is making it a little bit easier.

Dr. Julie George, a professor at the University of Texas at Tyler, was photographed holding the sick baby of a nursing student while the woman was taking an exam.

“She just rocked my fussy baby right to sleep and held her the entire test. She did it happily and with a smile on her face,” student Katie Lewis told “Being a single mom is hard and being in nursing school is even harder. It lifted a weight off of my shoulders.”

Lewis, a 22-year-old single mom, explained that she’s in level four of nursing school and will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in nursing this May.

She began this semester eight months pregnant and gave birth to little Alianna on the first day of spring break.

“Raising a baby while going to school is the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced,” Lewis said.

She explained that George, who also taught her in level one, made allowances to help her complete her studies while also mothering a newborn, including helping her complete her clinicals in the beginning of the semester.

While Lewis’ parents happily help her out with the newborn, it was during this particular exam that they weren’t available. Her babysitter was also busy that day and Lewis suspected her baby was getting sick.

“I texted Dr. George and said, ‘Hey Dr. George, I know this is super unconventional but I’m having trouble finding a sitter for Monday for Allie because it’s in the afternoon,’” Lewis said. “’I know you had offered before to hold her during a test … is there any way I can bring her with me?’”

Within moments, George replied and said, “You can totally bring her. I’m already excited!”

After the exam, Lewis took her baby to the pediatrician and confirmed she had an ear infection and upper respiratory infection, which caused Alianna to be especially fussy during the exam.

“She just loved on my sick baby and I’m so thankful,” Lewis said. “It takes a tribe to raise a baby and I’m so blessed with mine.”