Really Big, Possibly Really Old Gator Caught in South Florida

Jupiter Police officers wrangle a large alligator.
Jupiter Police Department

A huge 12-foot alligator weighing 750 pounds was nabbed outside an office park in South Florida. And one expert thinks it could be really old.

Jupiter Police Department said on Facebook that it received a call about an alligator lurking in the Jupiter Commerce Park area. Officers wrangled the large beast and carefully captured it.

The department posted photos of the mission, showing officers posing with the reptile.

Police contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which contacted a trapper to relocate the animal to a gator farm in Central Florida, the Sun Sentinel reported.

That trapper told police he believed the gator was about 100 years old.

Police told the Sentinel that "seemed a little bit old."

A male alligator averages between 10 and 15 feet and can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, according to National Geographic. A female alligator can grow up to 9.8 feet. Their average lifespan in the wild is 30-50 years.


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