Remains of Nearly 100 Cats Found in and Around Home After Former Owner Is Evicted

This is a stock image of a cat.
This is a stock image of a cat. iStock / Photography by Adri

Authorities are investigating after the remains of nearly 100 cats were found in and around a Montgomery, New York, home. 

The discovery was made after the home's former owner was evicted, according to officials. At least 89 different cats have been recovered so far, though there may be more. 

Police Chief Arnold “Butch” Amthor said that officers described the home's conditions as "horrific," the Times Herald-Record reported.

Many of the cats' bodies were found inside cardboard boxes left in what appeared to be a mass grave behind the house, near the edge of the woods. 

Some of the boxes were labeled with names and even tender messages. 

“RIP Zippy you were a good little girl,” read one of the boxes. 

Amthor promised a "thorough" investigation. 


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