Retailers Sell Out of Macaroni and Cheese With a 20-Year Shelf Life

Macaroni and Cheese 20 years

Too much sauce!

Costco and Amazon have apparently found out there is a high demand for a vat of mac and cheese that can last up to twenty years.

Both retailers are selling Chef’s Banquet Macaroni & Cheese-- a 23 lb bucket they claim will dish up 180 servings.

It includes six 30-serving resealable pouches of cheddar sauce mix and six 30-serving resealable pouches of elbow pasta, stored separately and packed in airtight bags. On both websites, the meal in a bucket is listed under “Emergency Kits and Supplies.”

According to CNBC, the decades long shelf life far exceeds that of many other canned goods.

If you don’t mind sharing a birthday with your dinner, this may be the product for you.

Currently, both retailers are sold out of the product.


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