Road Rage Incident in Washington D.C. Involving a Maserati Leaves Child Injured: Cops

Another woman was also shot during the incident but is expected to recover.

Police are looking for a person who they say fired a gun at a car during a road rage incident. Authorities say it happened in Washington DC near the Maryland border. 

Surveillance video caught the encounter. The footage appears to show the driver yell out of the window of a Maserati before exiting the vehicle and approaching the other car. 

The man appears to raise a gun and shoot as the other car drives off. The suspect then walks back to the Maserati, raising the weapon again in the other direction. The driver then turns the sports car around and drives off.

Police say a woman cut the Maserati driver off during afternoon traffic. She was shot during the incident but is expected to recover. Two children were also in the car and one suffered cuts from broken glass. 

Police say they are looking for the alleged gunman.

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