Rudy Giuliani Lawsuit Claims Ex-Mayor Made Woman 'Disrobe,' 'Satisfy His Sexual Demands' at Work

Noelle Dunphy
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A rep for Giuliani says that he "completely denies the allegations" being made by Dunphy, adding: "This is pure harassment and an attempt at extortion."

Rudy Giuliani is being sued by a woman who claims in court documents that she was allegedly forced into performing sex acts on the former mayor of New York City.

Noelle Dunphy filed a complaint on Monday in New York, claiming that she began working with Giuliani in 2019 as his director of business development.

The complaint says that at this meeting, Giuliani offered Dunphy an off-the-book position with an annual salary of $1 million but then allegedly asked if he could defer her pay so that his “crazy” ex-wife would not “attack” him or try to “retaliate” should he learn that he hired a female during their acrimonious divorce.

A rep for Giuliani says that he "completely denies the allegations" being made by Dunphy, adding: "This is pure harassment and an attempt at extortion." Giuliani also denies that Dunphy ever worked for him

In the complaint filed by Dunphy, it is alleged that "Giuliani began abusing Ms. Dunphy almost immediately after she started working for him. He made clear that satisfying his sexual demands—which came virtually anytime, anywhere—was an absolute requirement of her employment and of his legal representation. Giuliani began requiring Ms. Dunphy to work at his home and out of hotel rooms."

The first alleged incident of sexual assault occurred just a week into her employment, Dunphy alleges in her complaint. On that day, she had been flown to New York City on a semi-private chartered jet by Giuliani, according to the lawsuit.

After arriving in the city he allegedly instructed her that she would need to stay overnight and told her she could use one of his guest rooms, the complaint claims.

Dunphy says in the complaint that after being pressured into drinking wine by Giuliani, she took a shower and came out to find Giuliani in the guest room.

"Ms. Dunphy was frightened. She said she wanted to get dressed, unpack, and settle in. She asked for privacy. She said she would meet him in the living room when she was ready. But Giuliani would not leave. He sat on the bed and pulled down his pants," the complaint alleges. "Giuliani then pulled her head onto his penis, without asking for or obtaining any form of consent. He held her by her hair. It became clear to Ms. Dunphy that there was no way out of giving him oral sex. She did so, against her will," the complaint claims.

This became a frequent occurrence, says Dunphy in her complaint.


"Throughout the employment and attorney-client relationship, Giuliani forced Ms. Dunphy to perform oral sex on him. He often demanded oral sex while he took phone calls on speaker phone from high-profile friends and clients, including then-President Trump," the complaint alleges. "Giuliani told Ms. Dunphy that he enjoyed engaging in this conduct while on the telephone because it made him 'feel like Bill Clinton.'"

Giuliani would often tell Dunphy he loved her while coercing her into oral sex, she alleges in the complaint.

Dunphy says in the complaint that remote work did not make the situation any better.

"Giuliani also took Viagra constantly. While working with Ms. Dunphy, Giuliani would look to Ms. Dunphy, point to his erect penis, and tell her that he could not do any work until 'you take care of this.' Thus, Ms. Dunphy worked under the constant threat that Giuliani might demand sex from her at any moment," according to the complaint. "Even when the Covid-19 pandemic halted Giuliani’s ability to physically assault her, he demanded that she disrobe during their work-related videoconferences."

Another part of her job involved monitoring Giuliani's drinking, Dunphy alleges in her complaint.

"She worked hard to ensure that despite Giuliani’s excessive  drinking, he did not appear drunk. If Giuliani became too drunk, it was her job to remove him  from the situation. Ultimately, the most important and time-consuming aspect of Ms. Dunphy’s job became preventing Giuliani from creating media disasters," the complaint alleges. "During this time, when Ms. Dunphy was not by his side, he appeared with hair dye dripping from his forehead, appeared wearing excessive amounts of self-tanner, and hosted a press conference in the parking lot of Four Seasons Total Landscaping."

Dunphy claims the money that she was owed never materialized, either. According to the complaint, she had collected just $12,000 after two years working for Giuliani.

Dunphy is now seeking  $10 million from Giuliani and his company, and alleges 24 causes of action in her complaint.

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