Russian Firefighting Plane Dumps Water on Wildfire in Olympia as Greece Continues to Battle Blazes

A Russian firefighting plane aided in trying to stop the rampant fires in Greece, dumping water on the landscape.

The heatwave in Greece has led to wildfires, and a Russian firefighting plane aided in putting one out in Olympia.

A Russian plane flew low over a Greecian landscape that was ablaze.

When it got close enough, it dumped its cargo of water. The flight is part of an international effort to fight devastating wildfires in Greece. People were seen running through the streets, holding cloths to their faces to protect themselves from the smoke.

This fire was in Olympia, near the birthplace of the ancient Olympics. Meanwhile, on the Greek island of Evia, fires continue to rip through forests and buildings.

Greece has experienced its worst heatwave in decades, which has served as fodder for the wildfires.

Olympia is not the only historical landmark to be affected, as a drone captured the ashen aftermath of a wildfire on Mount Parnitha, near the Greek capital of Athens. 

One of the biggest contributing factors to all this unusual weather is human-caused climate change, according to a recently released report from Report on Climate Change.

“The role of human influence on the climate system is undisputed," the report said. 

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