'Sam the Lasagna Lady' Will Feed 1,000 Needy Families This Holiday Season

Sam Peavy, who calls herself "Sam the Lasagna Lady" will hand out 1,000 meals to needy families in Virginia this holiday season.

Sam Peavy, who calls herself "Sam the Lasagna Lady," will be dispensing holiday cheer this year one tray of lasagna at a time.

To her, “lasagna is lots of love,” and to share that love she is teaming up with Virginia's Norfolk Fire Department and the Women’s Club to feed 1,000 families.

She and her kitchen volunteers are recreating some of the recipes she's developed over the past 25 years to provide homemade help to those in need.

“I’d like for everyone in Virginia, or in our community anyway, to have lasagna for the holidays," she said. "To have something warm as some type of centerpiece ...  Whatever they need it for."

She's been selling her creations since 2005 through her company Sam's Gourmet Lasagna. But as this strange year draws to a close, she is giving away her meals as gifts to the community.

“What better way than to have this square piece of love," she said. "You never know what someone else is going through."