Scott Peterson, Who Killed His Wife, to Testify in Disappearance of Kristin Smart

Scott Peterson, left, may testify in the disappearance of Kristin Smart, right.
Scott Peterson, left, may testify in the disappearance of Kristin Smart, right.Getty/Handout

Defense attorneys say convicted killer Scott Peterson may have known Kristin Smart as they both attended Cal Poly in 1996 before she disappeared.

Convicted murderer Scott Peterson is expected to testify as a witness at the pre-trial hearing in the case of Kristin Smart’s disappearance. Peterson, who is currently in prison for murdering his pregnant wife, is believed to have known Smart when they both attended California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) – where Smart mysteriously disappeared after attending an off-campus party in 1996.

Attorneys for Paul Flores, a long-time person of interest who was arrested for Smart’s murder in April, are making arrangements to have him moved from his cell in San Quentin State Prison to San Luis Obispo County in order to testify in a preliminary healing, according to CBS Sacramento.

Investigators for Flores believe Peterson and Smart may have known each other at Cal Poly, and even once briefly pointed at Peterson as a potential suspect in Smart’s disappearance. Peterson was eventually ruled out when authorities could not find a connection to the case.

While Flores' attorneys allege that Peterson and Smart were at the same party before her disappearance and legal experts reportedly said the defense team has not yet been able to produce any evidence linking Peterson to Smart's disappearance. 

Additionally, experts who reviewed the case are unsure the request for Peterson to take the stand will go very far. Legal analysts say that to call Peterson to testify as a witness will only cause confusion in the case, and the motion to move Peterson from prison will likely be blocked, KTVU reported.

Peterson, 48, was sentenced to death in 2005 for murdering his pregnant wife, Laci, and their unborn child. His death penalty was overturned last year but his conviction was upheld.

Flores was the last person to see Smart alive, witnesses said. He offered to walk her back to her dorm and was named a person of interest until earlier this year, when he was deemed a prime suspect, according to a press release by authorities.

He has long maintained his innocence, telling police he and Smart parted ways near his dorm on the night of her disappearance.

Flores is facing one count of murder and his father, Ruben Flores, is facing one count of being an accessory after the fact. Both men have pleaded not guilty to their charges.

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