Senator Oprah Winfrey? Beloved Billionaire 'Floated' as Possible Replacement for Ailing Dianne Feinstein

The California congresswoman's declining health has many wondering who might replace the senator, and Governor Gavin Newsom previously stated that he would select a Black woman.

California's senior senator, Dianne Feinstein, continues to experience health challenges.

The 89-year-old recently missed several weeks of the legislative session after coming down with shingles, and some members of Congress have started to question her cognitive ability.

Speculation about who might be appointed to fill Feinstein's seat should she be unable to serve out her term is starting to grow in light of these developments, and one name is quickly rising to the top.


The talk-show-host-turned-media-proprietor is reportedly being "floated" as a "possible replacement" for Senator Feinstein.

In the event that the senator resigns or vacates her post, it would fall on Governor Gavin Newsom to select an interim senator to serve out the remainder of Feinstein's term.

Governor Newsom, following in the footsteps of Joe Biden, already committed to selecting a woman for the role, specifically a Black woman.

Oprah is keeping quiet on the topic and has said in the past she has no desire to run for office, but in this case she would not be required to mount a campaign or win an election.

She is a lifelong Democrat and is perhaps the only person in this country who would be able to carry as much weight and pull as one of the most powerful members of Congress despite having never served in government. 

Five years ago, many were hoping Oprah would launch a