Serial Wedding Crasher Allegedly Stole Gifts From More Than a Dozen Couples in 3 States

Inside Edition spoke to five couples who say their weddings were targeted by the same woman.

A woman captured on surveillance camera near an unsuspecting couple’s wedding gifts is a suspect in more than a dozen wedding thefts since 2017, according to police. Newlyweds Madison and John Sacharcyzk were saying “I do” in front of the guests when the mystery woman was spotted on camera approaching the gift table.

“You don’t ever go to a wedding where you know every single person there. No one there would look at her, or anybody, and say ‘Who are you?’” Madison told Inside Edition.

And the couple is not alone. Inside Edition spoke to five couples who say the same woman also targeted their weddings. Police say Sandra Henson, 54, is suspected of wedding thefts in three different states — Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.

Lee and Anna Perez Todd tied the knot at their church in Alabama. After noticing that many of their cards were missing, they asked the church for surveillance video.

“They pulled the footage and they sent us a screenshot and they were like, ‘Do you know who this is?’ And my heart just sank, and I said, ‘No,’” Anna said.

You can see the woman walk into the reception and approach the gift table.

“Then she went through the rest of the church prowling around looking for purses and wallets. She went into the different ready rooms and just looking for more things to take,” Anna said.

Madison and Drew Rush got married in Tennessee. Madison says she had more than $300 taken from her purse.

“We pulled the video from the church and there she was,” Drew said.

They were blown away when they heard about the other cases.

“We're like, holy crap, that's the same woman who stole from us,” Drew said.

The victims all say it’s time to bring the crime spree to an end.

“I think all of us just want her stopped,” Anna said.

Henson has denied any wrongdoing. Experts say to be safe, instead of having people bring gifts to the wedding, have them mail them, send cash gifts online or set up a lockbox where items will be safe.

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