Shane Dawson Quits the Internet After Posting About Drama Between James Charles and Tati Westbrook

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Did Shane Dawson have something to do with James Charles’ and Tati Westbrook’s pubic falling out in 2019? The 31-year-old YouTuber released a since-deleted statement on Twitter Sunday about “his final thoughts on the beauty world” before announcing his exit.

In the lengthy post, he discussed his role in the public falling out last year and said his reason for leaving his beauty vlogging community behind is because “they are all attention seeking game playing egocentric narcissistic vengeful two faced ticking time bombs ready to explode.”

But the statement was met with heavy criticism by his fans. Dawson lost more than 20,000 Twitter followers after publishing the post.  

“I deleted everything. I’m done,” Dawson replied on Twitter. “I don’t want this energy in my life or on my timeline.” He also announced he would be taking a break from his online persona “for a few months.”

While Charles’ and Westbrook’s falling out occurred more than a year ago, the YouTube community has focused yet again on the falling out after fellow YouTuber Jeffree Star revisited the drama in an April 2020 podcast, Insider reported.


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