Shirtless Woman in the Path of Oncoming Train Rescued by Police in Pulse-Pounding Video

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A scantily clad woman was pulled to safety in the nick of time as a train approached.

The female, who was wearing a bra and no shirt, was seen on CCTV footage trying to get up onto the platform from the tracks Tuesday. 

The video shows a man trying in vain to lift her up before several police officers rush over.

Working together, they hoist the woman onto the platform just moments before the train came into the station.

"I believe if we were on the other side of the platform, which we would have been if we were not talking to the group of people she wouldn't be here," Melbourne Protective Services Officer Ben Mitchell said.

It remains unclear how the woman wound up on the train tracks in a state of undress.

Local reports suggested that alcohol may have played a role in the woman’s predicament.

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