Sisters Read Bedtime Stories for Other Kids on Facebook Live Each Night

They have nearly 100 viewers for each reading.

Two Delaware sisters are trying to raise the literacy rate one bedtime story at a time.

Zaria Willard, 13, and Hailey Willard, 8, have been reading bedtime stories on Facebook live for months now and have nearly 100 viewers per night now.

“We take turns reading,” Zaria told “It all started to help kids get a bedtime story because maybe their parents are busy or they don’t have the time to read, so that's what we are helping.”

Each Sunday, the girls visit the library to pick out books for the week. Then they read stories five nights of the week. They have nearly 100 viewers for each reading.

Of course, one of their staples is Dr. Seuss books, but they make a point to also include books featuring diverse characters. 

“When we read stories we ... try to use black characters because we don’t see a lot of that around here so we're here to tell people that black kids are out there too,” Hailey said. 

The sister are even working on a book of their own. 

“It’s about our family,” Zaria said. 

For now, they’re just happy that they're making an impact. 

“It makes me happy that it helps somebody,” Zaria added. “It makes me feel good when I go online.”