Some Onlookers Taunt Philadelphia Cops Locked in 8-Hour Standoff With Gunman

An onlooker pelted cops with garbage as they tried to deal with an active shooter situation.

Philadelphia police were being taunted and heckled during Wednesday’s wild eight-hour siege with a gunman in the city.

Some onlookers surround the officers, pelting them with garbage. One cop was even shoved. This all happened as other officers dealt with a man firing at them who wounded six officers.

Larry Artis, who served during the Iraq War, watched the terrifying gunplay from his bedroom window.

He said he was afraid, adding, “I had my wife on the floor ducking.” 

New video of the gun battle has emerged from a home security camera across the street where the gunman was holed up. Police can be seen crouched behind vehicles as bullets flew over their heads.

In the line of fire was a daycare center with 78 children inside. The kids sheltered in the stairwells until they could be evacuated safely.

The standoff came to an end after the gunman's attorney, Shaka Johnson, helped persuade him to surrender.