Some People Are Turning to Crime During Coronavirus Pandemic

While much of the nation is practicing social distancing, some criminals are committing home invasion robberies.

A scary home invasion in Illinois carried out by two men in hospital masks who rang the doorbell of an unsuspecting homeowner was caught on camera, officials said.  

In video footage of the moment released by the Arlington Heights police, two men walked up to home on Saturday afternoon wearing hospital masks and gloves, allegedly planning to rob the home.

Shouts can be heard before the homeowner, Sebastian Maniscalco, is seen bursting through his front door onto the lawn while fighting with one of the would-be robbers. 

One alleged robber fled, but the other was shot dead by Maniscalco after Maniscalco said the assailant came at him with a knife inside the home, according to police. Maniscalco told police he initially opened the door because he thought the men were landscapers.

Maniscalco was in the home with his wife and two children. Police are calling the killing a case of self-defense as both robbers were armed, according to police.

For more on crimes committed during the pandemic, check out the video above.