South Carolina Woman Found Dead in a Department Store, 4 Days After She Was Last Seen

"Caution Do Not Enter" yellow tape

Bessie Durham, 63, was working as a janitor and was last seen 4 days before she was found dead.

A South Carolina woman was found dead in a department store restroom on Sept. 19.

Bessie Durham, 63, was working at Becks Department Store as a janitor when she was found dead in the store's public restroom, according to WIS-TV.

Durham was reportedly last seen at work on Sept. 15,  but no one reported seeing her again till her body was found on Sept. 19, according to WIS-TV. Durham's family filed a missing persons report which led police to search her workplace at which they found the body, reported the local news outlet. 

Police are investigating to find out if anyone was negligent as the busy department store was open between Sept. 15 and Sept. 19, according to ABC News.

“We’re still working with the store to find out what their process is to closing down the store, inspecting the store and things of that nature,” said Melron Kelly, Columbia deputy police chief, according to ABC News. 

The local county coroner is scheduled to perform an autopsy to determine cause of death and has stated there are no signs of drug use or that someone killed Durham, reported Count on 2 News.

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