Stray Dog Interrupts Soccer Game, Performs Tricks for Players in the Middle of the Field

The pup ran free for several minutes before it was corralled off the field.

It quickly became clear that this stray pup had no desire to remain a bench warmer.

The black dog came dashing onto the field during the middle of an Erovnuli Liga national soccer game in Gori, Georgia.

Even security was no match for the speedy stray as it somehow ducked all attempts to corral it off the field for about three minutes.

Despite the pursuit, the pup appeared excited for the attention as it played with defender Mamuka Kobakhidze and rolled over and performed tricks for goalie Roin Kvaskvhadze of the Torpedo Kutaisi team.

Eventually, the soccer players were able to corral the pup off the field and resume the game.

Torpedo Kutaisi and opponents Dila Gori ended up in a scoreless tie.