Summer Slam: World Thumb Wrestling Championships Crowns Victors

Finally, being all thumbs pays off.

You wanted the best? You got the best!

Contestants from around the globe squared off a pub in Norfolk, England, for the 11th annual World Thumb Wrestling Championships this past weekend. 

The idea was hatched over a few pints at a pub in England 11 years ago and the tournament has grown ever since. 

“The rules of thumb wrestling are we have best of three rounds, they're 60-second rounds," Roy Van Bellis, who organizes the championship contest, told Reuters. "To start the match off, we have a professional thumb ring where people put their thumbs and get a good grip inside the ring and then they'll say '1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war.'"

From there, you've got a minute to pin your opponent.

The competition was fierce, with Paul "Under the Thumb" Browse triumphing over "The Thumbertaker," while in the women's division, Janet "Nanny Thumb" Coleman beat "Suzy Thumb."

The champions walked away with gold trophies that resemble the thumbs-up hand gesture. 

Want to try your hand? The next contest will be in July 2020.