'Superdad' Dives Over Fence and Into Pool to Rescue Son

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A relaxing day at the pool in Florida turned into a moment of pure drama as a boy had to be rescued by his father after falling into the body of water. 

Little Rocco Passavanti walked through the open gate after being lured by a colorful beach ball floating in the family pool.

His dad, Albert Passavanti, was keeping a careful eye on him and called out for little Rocco to watch out. Then, in an instant, the 1-year-old fell in the pool in Palm Beach Gardens. The incident was caught on the family's Nest device. 

Passavanti didn't hesitate, jumping over the 4-foot fence and diving into the water save his son. He said adrenaline kicked in and he suddenly possessed "Superman strength."

Passavanti told Inside Edition that his son was in the water for a few seconds, but it was still scary.

"Anybody would do that, you don’t have to have any athletic ability to jump over a fence. You have got to get to him as quickly as you possibly can," he said. "You just absolutely have to keep an eye on your kids. I don’t care what measures you have in place."


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