Suspect Tries to Evade Police by Riding Skateboard After Being Chased in Car

It wasn't the only police chase caught on camera over the weekend.

A police chase with a twist as a suspect didn't use a getaway car to try to make his escape, instead he jumped on his skateboard and off he went with officers in hot pursuit.

The chase started when the suspect led police on a wild pursuit on the streets of Los Angeles.

The suspect crossed a busy intersection in a truck with a trailer, narrowly missing other cars.

When he finally spun out of control, cops have him cornered — but not for long as he got away on his skateboard.

He skated right past one officer, who tackles him to the ground.

The tackle proved successful as the suspect was handcuffed and arrested.

It wasn’t the only moment caught on camera over the weekend as a bystander on his cellphone captured an arrest across the country.

A Jeep came barreling through a quiet residential neighborhood and crashed into a school bus filled with children in Rochester, New York.

The cops were in pursuit of the Jeep as those inside were suspected carjackers in the area.

The Jeep ended up on the front lawn of a stranger's house and the suspects made a run for it but cops chased them down and arrested them seconds later.

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