Sword Swallower Plunges 10 Blades Into His Throat Then Twists Them

“When I withdrew the swords there was a little curly piece of flesh on my blades," said 59-year-old Brad Byers of previous attempts.

Swallowing one sword seems like one too many, but this Washington man has no problem devouring 10 28-inch swords at once.

For his most dangerous act yet, 59-year-old Brad Byers of Pullman plunged 10 swords one by one into his throat, then twisted them 180 degrees by the handles that poked out of his mouth.

“Swallowing swords and then twisting them is my signature move, I invented this and earned several records with it,” Byers told Caters News Agency. “Unlike most sword swallowers, I swallow multiple swords in succession."

Byers, who calls himself the human tool box, said to make the trick happen, he has to suppress his gag reflex.

His tricks differ from other sword swallowers too, he said, since he doesn’t lubricate the swords and most sword swallowers don’t twist the blades while they’re in the throat.

“Because the swords are loose they are likely to scissor while swallowing them and especially while twisting them,” Byers said. “A torn or perforated esophagus could be fatal.”

The first time he has ever tried to swallow more than one sword at a time was too simple, he said, so instead of putting all three swords into his mouth at the same time, he decided to do them one at a time.

“This was much harder and I decided I would perform it this way,” Byers said. “Unfortunately, when I withdrew the swords, there was a little curly piece of flesh on my blades.”

He’s also performed other chilling stunts in the past, like inserting a power drill into his nose.