Teen Who Delivered Aunt's Baby Recounts Tense Delivery: 'I Got Into the Zone'

Morlie Hayes knew what to do after learning how to deliver a baby in a childhood development class.

A Utah teen showed courage and grace under pressure as she helped deliver her aunt’s baby.  

In a 911 call, you can hear her aunt screaming in agony, but 16-year-old Morlie Hayes managed to stay calm with the help of the dispatcher Saturday night. 

Hayes was home alone as her mom ran an errand. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was her 7-year-old cousin telling her that her mom was going into labor. 

Hayes called 911 and did exactly what she was told by the operator to help the latest addition to her family come into the world. 

“I was a little bit in shock at first but then I kind of got into the zone where I was like, 'I gotta make sure this baby is okay,'" she told Inside Edition. 

After a few minutes on the phone with 911, the baby arrived. 

The bundle of joy was named Kayla Faith. Her mother, Laura Creagher, couldn't be more appreciative that her niece was around when it counted. 

"She was amazing," Creagher told Inside Edition. "I am so grateful that she was there."

Hayes says she was so calm because just days before, she was taught how to deliver a baby during a class on childhood development.

"Through that, I kind of knew what to look for and signs to see," she said.  

Hayes says joked around with her teacher she will get an "A" in the class and "a little extra credit."