Tennessee Firefighter Reunites With Baby He Was Pictured Holding After Car Crash

The photo of Chris Blazek holding the infant has gone viral.

A Tennessee firefighter, who was photographed cradling a baby in a touching gesture after the child's mother was in a car crash, has reunited with the grateful family. 

Chattanooga Fire Department Capt. Chris Blazek had battled a house fire for three hours Saturday as temperatures rose past 80 degrees Saturday. But upon returning to the fire house to shower, he was alerted of another emergency, this time involving a pregnant mom and her three kids involved in a car crash. 

When Blazek arrived at the scene, the 39-year-old calmed a crying 4-month-old baby while her mother was treated in an ambulance for back and abdominal pain. 

"She instantly laid her head on my shoulder,” he told Inside Edition. “I kinda slide down the door and she started to fall asleep.”

As he was calming the baby, a picture snapped of the pair was later posted Monday on the Chattanooga Fire Department's Facebook page, where it quickly became an internet sensation. 

On Thursday, Blazek and the family reunited for the first time since the crash as Inside Edition’s cameras rolled. The mother tightly hugged her hero. 

The infant and her two older siblings, ages 7 and 4, were not harmed in the crash. Their mother was hospitalized but did not suffer serious injuries. Her unborn child is fine. 

The children’s father and grandmother picked up the kids at the scene following the wreck.