Callous Criminals Rob Texas Restaurant in Broad Daylight, Hold Customers at Gunpoint and Demand Cash

Two armed men stormed a trendy restaurant in Houston on Sunday and collected cash, wallets, and cellphones at gunpoint.

This is the terrifying moment that customers and employees at a Texas sushi restaurant were robbed by two armed gunman in broad daylight.

The callous criminals were caught on surveillance camera footage demanding cash and cellphones from patrons at The Blue Fish, a trendy Houston restaurant, on Sunday.

Video shows the two men walk in, with one pulling out a gun and forcing the hostess to her knees. The rest of the employees are soon rounded up and ordered to hand over the wallets, cash, and cellphones.

One of the armed men then robs a father and his two young children at gunpoint. The dad shields his terrified kids as he hands over his wallet and phone.

The men then head directly to the safe, ordering an employee to open it and then emptying out its contents.

One of the men then slaps the female worker across the face, believing that she is hiding money from him.

Things then take a sudden turn when the mother of the two children exits the bathroom, unaware that the restaurant is being robbed.

The father orders his family to run and as they make their way out the front door, while the robbers flee out the back of the restaurant.

The Houston Police Department is now investigating, and hoping the security footage will help them make some arrests very soon.

Any person with information about this crime is urged to call police,


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