Texas Woman Arrested After Allegedly Holding Child Off Balcony As He Pleads 'Don't Drop Me': Police

Police tape
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Desirae Marie Korus, 25, was arrested after cops say she dangled and shouted at a child from a three-story-high balcony while the boy cried for help

A Texas woman was arrested for reckless endangerment after she dangled a young boy from a three-stories-high balcony, according to reports. Desirae Marie Korus, 25, on Monday allegedly asked the boy if he would "touch it again" to which the crying boy said he "wouldn't do it again" as she held his body over the ledge, local station KSAT reported.

A special agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency was conducting surveillance inside his vehicle at the Costa Miranda complex on Somerset Road when he heard a child's cry for help echo and the woman shouting, he wrote in an affidavit according to the outlet.

He described the child as approximately 3-4 years old.

He watched as the woman allegedly dragged the child out on the balcony and "scold" him as the child pleaded "don't drop me," the outlet reported.

The woman allegedly said, "Are you going to touch that again?" to the weeping child. The child responded that he "won't do it again," as he dangled above ground, the outlet reported. She then brought him back into the apartment, the officer stated in the affidavit. 

At that time, the agent left the car and reported the apartment unit to the San Antonio police. When police arrived, Korus allegedly refused to answer the door, and she was arrested Wednesday night.

Korus was charged with reckless endangerment of a child with the risk of bodily injury, according to arrest records obtained by KSAT.

She was released on $20,000 bond Thursday, according to the Bexar County Jail.