Texas Woman Caught on Camera Abandoning 4 Dogs

The woman filming recommended taking the dogs to a shelter for free.

It's a heartbreaking sight as a Texas woman is caught on video abandoning several dogs on a dead-end street.

Edith Melendez says she has seen people abandon pups in front of her San Antonio home before, but this time she recorded it.

“You can drop them off as strays at ACS, Animal Care Services,” Melendez told the woman who already let three dogs out of the car. “It’s free.”

The woman listened at first and then asked where the shelter was, but did not appear to pay attention as Melendez gave directions.

'I’m tired of people dropping off abandoned dogs," she said. "I foster for Animal Care Services."

Melendez even warned the woman about the fine that comes with abandoning animals, informing her that it is $500 per dog.

As the woman was pulling a fourth pup out of the car, Melendez told her the dogs were scared and they didn’t want to go.

“They don’t know how to fend for themselves,” Melendez said. The woman immediately slammed her door and the silver Honda sped away in reverse, leaving all four canines at the dead-end street that was covered in garbage and also lead to an open field with trees.

“Really?” Melendez says as they pull away.

A backseat passenger gave Melendez the middle finger as they drove past.

Animal rescue was called and three of the dogs were found and brought to a local shelter where they were named Sam, Max, and Milo.

The three pups were put up for adoption. Two have already been adopted.