The Cumbre Vieja Volcano in Spain Has Been Erupting for Over 70 Days and Is Showing No Signs of Slowing Down

The powerful volcano first erupted on September 19.

Spain's Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma appeared to be more active late last week, ejecting powerful jets of lava and sending red-hot streams gushing down its slope.

Volcanic activity has shown no sign of slowing down, and authorities said new vents have opened up, which are letting out more lava.

The volcano first erupted on September 19. This was enough to shut down the La Palma airport over the weekend because of ash accumulation. The regional government also warned residents that rain could cause mudslides.

According to Newsweek, experts say the eruption will likely become the longest recorded on the island in 500 years. Even longer than the Tehuya volcano, which spewed for 84 days in 1646.

So far, the eruption has damaged and destroyed almost 2,700 buildings, and thousands have been forced to evacuate from their homes.

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