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These Fireproof Homes Aren't Made With Any Wood

Ryan Palos watched his home burn down on the news in 2019. Now he's rebuilding with materials that won't ignite. Here's how they work.

In 2019, Ryan Palos and his family watched in horror on local news as their home outside Los Angeles went up in flames.

“It was a surreal experience,” Palos told Inside Edition. 

Palos says he became determined to do something to prepare for the next fire season, especially after he saw an aerial view of a burned neighborhood with three homes still standing.

The houses were built with specialized material that won’t ignite. Now he’s rebuilding using the same technology. And the fire-resistant material is offering folks like Palos and other homeowners hope that their homes stand a chance during a wildfire.

The homes are made using interlocking foam bricks filled with six inches of concrete and steel, according to architect Laurie Fisher of Phoenix Development. 

“There is no wood in the structure, so there’s nothing to burn,” Fisher told Inside Edition. “It’s the most restrictive fire-resistant construction possible.”

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