These Were the Most Unbelievable Moments Caught on Tape in 2020

From a sinking car rescue to aggressive ostriches, here are some of the most amazing moments caught on camera in 2020.

Some have said 2020 has been called the year to forget, but there are some caught-on-tape moments from the past year that will stay with us for a long time. Here are some of the most memorable clips, which you can watch in the video at the top of this article.

Sinking car rescue

A woman was rescued by police after getting trapped in her sinking minivan in a freezing cold Ohio river. The harrowing ordeal was captured in body cam footage and during the woman’s 911 call. Seconds after the woman was pulled from the window, the SUV fully submerged under water.

Mom fires at home intruders

A Florida mom opened her bedroom door and was met with a barrage of gunfire from home intruders. “Don’t shoot me! My son is in here!” she told them. That’s when she grabbed her handgun and fired back.

Jeep tumbles down mountain

A woman and her puppy were thrown from a Jeep as it came crashing down a mountain pass in Telluride, Colorado. The Jeep’s descent down the mountain was caught on dash cam. The dog was miraculously found alive three days later and reunited with his owner, who was recovering from spinal injuries.

Car crashes into hospital

A Mercedes SUV hit a car and then crashed into a hospital emergency room in Atlanta. Underneath the crushed doors was 29-year-old Kai Bailey, who suffered a broken pelvis and hips. Hospital staff sprang into action to lift the doors and rescue her.

Amazing animal videos

This year also saw plenty of wild encounters. A man captured himself on camera feeding dozens of raccoons on his back porch as they climbed all over him. Another man fed ostriches out of his car window, but chaos erupted when the birds became aggressive.

Paramedic reunites with kids

It had been 103 days since the children of a New York City paramedic saw their dad. He had been fighting COVID-19 on the front lines. Their heartwarming reunion was caught on camera — the kids took off sprinting when they spotted him.