This Christmas Season's Hottest Toys and Tips on How to Shop for Them

Inside Edition

Madeleine Buckley, senior editor at Toy Insider, shared her expert know-how with Inside Edition on securing this season's hottest toys for all the little ones on Santa's delivery route this year.

The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend around $1,000 on gifts this Christmas, and if you've got little ones on your list, these are this season's hottest toys—and tips for shopping for them. 

Madeleine Buckley, senior editor at Toy Insider, says their biggest tip is to shop early and to shop often. 

“If something is out of stock, don’t be disheartened,” she tells Inside Edition. “Because these stores are continuously restocking, it’s not the same situation as last year. There is a pretty decent supply flow. So definitely check back; don’t be disheartened.” 

Buckley also says to shop around for bargains. 

“You are going to find really great options at your Walmart and Target, but definitely check out your local toy stores like the one we are standing in right now,” she says from inside Mary Arnold Toys in Manhattan. “They are toy experts as well so they are going to be able to help you find things that will fit in your budget and make your kids happy.” 

She also says to not underestimate discount stores.  

“Your Five Belows, your Big Lots, your Dollar Generals, they have some really awesome toy supplies, and they are going to be in the $5 to $10 range,” Buckley says.  

The season's hottest gift ideas are toys with surprises that kids can rip open. 

Buckley pointed to a 5 Surprise Mini Brands capsule, which contain miniature collectibles that are a mystery until the package is opened, saying, “It’s for 3-plus, but even the tweens and the teens are going to think this is fun.” 

Another hot ticket item are Squishmallows.  

“They all have their own little names and their own little biographies that come inside the tag so they have personality,” she says. “Even adults are obsessed with Squishmallows.”

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