This Coach Hits Jaw-Dropping Basketball Trick Shot

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Drew Maddux is a basketball coach with a special skill. He makes sinking insane trick shots look like a breeze. 

For his latest feat, he tossed a basketball from the roof of the school where he works, Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, Tennessee.

The hoop was 100 feet away, sitting in the back of a construction vehicle.

A handful of students were on the roof with him and erupted when he sank the bucket.

“We are building a new building on our campus and thought a trick shot would be a cool way to update the community of our progress in the summer,” Maddux told SWNS.

Maddux said he only had to contend with a little bit of wind.

“It wasn’t the hardest shot we’ve done but a pretty creative idea to shoot a ball to a basket on a dump truck in the middle of a construction site,” he said.

Maddux seems to prefer performing the tricks from roofs. "My wife doesn't like that so much. But I'm not going to stop," he laughed, speaking to 

Maddux is no stranger to these types of routines. He has been doing the tricks since 2016, in an effort to inspire and encourage more young people to get excited about sports.


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