This Couple's Secret to a Long Marriage? Matching Outfits

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For this couple, the secret to a long and happy union is all in the clothing

Rosemary and Francis Klontz are a perfect match — literally. They have been coordinating their outfits for the entirety of their 68-year marriage

Francis first laid eyes on Rosemary in the ninth grade and knew she was the one for him. 

"I said, 'Oh, what a cute little gal,'" he told Inside Edition.

But Rosemary needed some more convincing. She liked Francis but thought he needed some help in the wardrobe department. 

"I was very conscious of his attire and some of it was questionable," she told Inside Edition. "So I helped him."

"She helped," Francis chimed in with a laugh. 

Francis appreciates his wife taking charge. "Dressing alike is a simple thing for me because I don't have to worry," he said. 

Grandson Jonathan told Inside Edition he used to make fun of his matching grandparents. "I was the one who razzed them the most," he said.

But now he's matching with his fiancee, Kassy. 

"On our first date, he told me that his grandparents had matched since the day they started dating and I looked at him and said, 'Can we do that?' and he said yes," Kassy told Inside Edition.

They've started a his and hers matching clothing line called Baezies for other pairs who want to coordinate their clothes. 


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