This Man's Amazing Donald Duck Impression Got a Telemarketer to Hang Up on Him

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Like all of us, Donald Sizemore is no fan of telemarketers.

So when he got a call from one recently, he decided to play a little trick on them, busting out his Donald Duck impression. 

His wife, Gayle Sizemore, recorded the exchange. 

“Hewhoah? Hewwwwhoooooah, are you dhere?” Donald asks the unsuspecting telemarketer, who proceeds to inform him about why he's being contacted. 

“Ohhhh, doah, am I in tawubble?” Donald replies.

In the end, the telemarketer knows something's up and ultimately hangs up.

Gayle shared the video on Facebook, where it went viral, earning more than 9 million views since it was first posted two weeks ago. 

The 77-year-old perfected his impression long ago, even using it on his very first date with Gayle.

Check out the video above to hear more. 


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