Thousands Enjoy Los Angeles Donut Festival

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Thousands of people turned up at the second annual Donut Fest in Los Angeles.

“I love donuts! I said, ‘Who wants to go?’ They all said, ‘I do! I do!’” Debbie Thomas told KCBS.

It seemed like almost every kind of donut imaginable was on display. Some had faces, some were made into a sandwich, some even had a little breakfast sprinkled on top.

"Fruity pebbles to edible flowers, we just want to be sure everyone gets the donut they're looking for today,” said Mayly Tao of DK’s Donuts.

Yet there was still more to see.

“Things you’ve never seen before like pineapple jalapeno bacon, cheesecake — we just get really fun with the donuts,” said Anthony Davis of Glazed Donut Bar.

More than 3,000 tickets to the event were presold, proving there’s just something so endearing about the sweet treat.

“I think donuts are very nostalgic and there’s something so warm and welcoming about donuts it feels like home,” Tao said.


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