Tiger Trainer Claims There Was Cover-Up in Siegfried & Roy Mauling: Today on Inside Edition

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A Siegfried & Roy trainer claims the truth of what happened the night Roy Horn was attacked by a tiger has been covered up for years. 

Tiger trainer Chris Lawrence says Horn triggered the attack when he made a tragic blunder trying to move the tiger to another position onstage. Why he's speaking out now.

After a fifth-grader died following a classroom fight, some have questioned whether educators can do more to stop things. But some teachers say their hands are tied when it comes to intervening when fights between students turn physical. 

A swamp creature got plenty of attention when it invaded Capitol Hill Thursday. Who's the woman behind the mask?

And Simone Biles says she's turned to therapy for healing in the wake of her sexual abuse at the hands of former USA Gymnastics team Dr. Larry Nassar.

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