TikTok Helps Find Owners of Long Lost GoPro That Captured Couple's Sweet Vacation Memories

Inside Edition was there as the couple who found the GoPro met the owners of the GoPro on Zoom.

Rio Villa and her boyfriend, Will Ezell, were recently hiking outside San Diego when they stumbled upon something unusual: a GoPro camera covered in muck. Once they got home, they discovered that the camera was still working and had footage of vacation memories from a young, happy couple.

“I didn’t think that the footage was going to be as good as it was, because they were just so cute together,” Villa told Inside Edition. The sweet images sent Villa and Ezell on a mission to find the mystery couple.

They posted the video on TikTok, and the mystery was solved in one day. Pricila Bernal and Alejandro Lopez had lost the camera four years ago when the camera flew out of his hand going down a natural waterslide. He wasn’t wearing the camera's safety strap.

“I never expected to see the videos again,” Lopez said.

Inside Edition arranged for the couples to meet each other on Zoom.

“What a small world. It’s crazy, man. I feel like we know you guys,” Ezell said.

“We are so thankful that you both wanted to give us our GoPro back, because we are going to get our memories back,” Bernal said.

Bernal and Lopez are now married.

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