Tips to Get Through a Power Outage as Nor'Easter Pummels Northeast

Lifestyle expert Trae Bodge has some tips and hacks to get your family through a electrical outage.

A new storm is wreaking havoc across the Northeast and threatens to leave millions without power, possibly for days, but there are some useful hacks to get you and your family through any blackout

Speaking to Inside Edition, Trae Bodge, lifestyle expert for, says to take solar powered lights from outside and bring them indoors. They can act as a flashlight and illuminate a room. 

A simple headlamp can also light your way around. 

“This is a really cool way to make a makeshift lantern,” she said. “You may have headlamps from when you go camping. Strap it around the jug, and it gives you a lot of light.” 

When it comes to food in the house, Bodge says the more ice you have, the better. If you don’t have enough ice, fill Ziploc bags with water and pop them in the freezer ahead of the storm. It will create large blocks to help keep your food fresher longer.

You can also turn your washing machine into an emergency cooler. Just add ice.

“A really efficient way to keep your food fresh is to put ice in your washing machine,” she said. “It’s airtight so it keeps food fresh, [and] when the ice melts, it drains into your pipes just like the washing machine would.” 

Bodge also recommends keeping an emergency jump starter on hand, saying, “This will jump your car but it will also jump your phone. It has two outlets.”

No power also means no heat and one of the ways to keep cold air out involves bubble wrap. 

All you have to do is spray water on a window, cut the bubble wrap to size and it will stick to the window.