Toddlers Found Wandering Near Louisiana Highway After Managing to Leave Day Care

Babies Found Wandering Near Louisiana Highway After Managing to Leave Daycare
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A Louisiana day care has its license suspended after several toddlers were found wandering near a highway.

Four 1-year-old children managed to get out of the play yard at the Color Wheel Learning Center on March 19 and were walking near Highway 44. A passerby spotted the tots, pulled over and brought them back to the center, according to the New York Daily News.

Staff members reportedly couldn’t explain how the kids got outside of the fence, according to the Louisiana Department of Education.

The Department of Education said this is not the first time the facility had been involved in an incident like this.

Back in October, another 1-year-old managed to open the play yard’s gate and wander into the parking lot. During that incident, it was a staffer who found the child and brought them back inside.

After the latest incident, the Department of Education conducted an investigation and the center’s license has now been suspended. The center was cited for lack of supervision. The move means they cannot re-apply for another license for two years.

The Daily News reached out to the day care but it reported that staffers declined to comment.

The center has 15 days to appeal the decision.


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