Travelers Left Running for Their Lives After False Alarm at Newark Airport

"Well, if this is it then I had a good life," one woman remembers saying to herself.

After people were left running for their lives at Newark AirportMonday night, police say it all began with a false alarm from a flight attendant.

Police said the woman became suspicious of two men and sounded an alarm. After chaos erupted through the airport, the two men were questioned and determined to have done nothing wrong. The flight attendant was also questioned through the night.

Amy McRae filmed video as she started running outside the Alaska Airlines gate. 

“She just said, ‘Evacuate! Evacuate!’ And it wasn't even a loud scream, it was just a very serious "Evacuate! Evacuate." And that's when the panic ensued,” she said. 

She started recording because, she said, “I think part of it was I want my family to know I tried to run.”

She added, “As I was running I looked over my shoulder and was like 'Well, if this is it then I had a good life.’"

Many travelers were forced onto the dark, active tarmac while police investigated.

In a statement to Inside Edition, Alaska Airlines said, “We sincerely apologize for the experience our guests and other airline passengers had at Newark last night. We're conducting a thorough investigation to determine what occurred.”

“I think just the paranoia in the air with all these mass shootings — kinda triggered the reaction that it did,” McRae said.