Treasure Hunter Uses Metal Detector to Find Lost Ring on Beach After Woman's Social Media Plea

A man who saw the post looked for the couple's family heirloom for two days using a metal detector and finally found it on the third day.

A woman was reunited with her precious wedding ring after losing it on the beach in New Hampshire, thanks to a determined treasure hunter who saw her plea on social media.

Francesca and Austin Teal were enjoying a beautiful day on North Beach and tossing a football around when Francesca's ring came off.

“I put my hand out, the football hit my hand in the perfect way that my ring popped right off and fell into the ocean,” Francesca said.

The ring — a family heirloom that had been passed down for generations — was now in the Atlantic Ocean.

“She gave one big gasp, and I went running over and I knew exactly what had happened,” Austin said.

The couple immediately began searching the waters, but soon “realized it was going to be a needle in a haystack,” Francesca said. 

At wit's end, Francesca decided to ask for help finding her lost ring in a Facebook post. Treasure hunter Lou Asci saw it, and headed to the beach with his metal detector.

“The first two days that I was here and had to drive home after not getting it was extremely disappointing,” Asci said.

Then, on day three of his search, there it was.

“I took a picture of it and sent it to Francesca, saying, ‘Please tell me this is the ring, so I can finally get off this beach,’” Asci said.

The couple couldn’t believe it, and Austin burst into tears, Francesca said. Now the ring is back on her finger, right where it belongs.

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