Twitch Streamer Learns an Important Lesson After Kitchen Fire Breaks Out on Live Video

Here's a lesson in what not to do if a fire breaks out while you're cooking with grease.

A Twitch streamer learned exactly what not to do during a cooking fire when her pan ignited as she cooked a steak on live video.

Video shows Kelly Jane Caron, 26, causing so much smoke on the pan, she set the fire alarm off in her apartment building. After she took the cooked meat out of the pan, the grease erupted into flames. 

The situation got even worse when she took the pan off the stove and put it into her sink, causing even more flames. 

With the pan still on fire, she panicked and ran out of her apartment, screaming for help.

Caron, who has a degree in mechanical engineering, tells Inside Edition she was making the steak for her birthday when it all went wrong. 

“I’m sure once upon a time I did learn that oil fires and water don't mix very well. I had to have learned that at some point. But I definitely turned into panic mode when I saw all the huge flames and all of that just went completely out the window,” Caron said.

Caron was lucky she didn’t turn on the faucet. Putting water on a grease fire can be extremely dangerous, because it can cause the flames to spread.

At some point, the flames died down and Caron was able to blow them out.

Her father, who was watching the livestream, sent her a fire blanket, fireproof gloves and a spray to tackle oil fires. She says she also knows now what could have been done differently.

“The easiest way to contain it fast is just by putting a lid on it. You want to suffocate the fire because fires can't exist without oxygen,” Caron said. 

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