UK Radio Host Dies On-Air From Suspected Heart Attack While in the Middle of a Song

Tim Gough smiling in a radio control room
GenX Radio Suffolk

Tim Gough, 55, died while hosting his morning show on GenX Radio Suffolk.

A radio host from the United Kingdom died while on air hosting his breakfast show, the radio station said. 

Tim Gough, 55, died Monday while he was in his home hosting his morning show on GenX Radio Suffolk, according to the radio station's news release

It is suspected that Gough suffered from a heart attack. 

The music Gough was playing cut out and restarted a few minutes later, but Gough didn't return, ITV News reported. GenX later confirmed Gough had died.

James Hazell, the managing director of GenX Radio, which opened earlier this year, shared his thoughts on the passing of the radio host. 

“Tim has been on the radio since the 80s and had come out of radio retirement to fully involve himself in our project from the beginning…To know Tim personally, as I did very closely for over 30 years, was to know a warm, caring, fun guy who myself and my family loved dearly. We are heart broken by the news,” said Hazell.

Gough's colleague Mark Eley said on Facebook that Gough, who he called "a son, a brother, and a dear friend and colleague from the GenX Radio Suffolk family," died "doing what he loved most."

"Tim leaves behind a huge hole which is impossible to fill and we are all in shock," he wrote. "I had not known Tim all that long really brought together by the birth of GenX Radio Suffolk, and in the short time I have known him, it is clear to see his talent and passion for radio and the knowledge and support that he has shown to others is huge.. I have learnt so much from Tim.

"Today is indeed a very sad day for radio and everybody that was lucky enough to know Tim," he continued. "My thoughts are with you all as we come to terms with this huge shock. I speak for everybody at Gen X Radio Suffolk when I say thank you for all your kind messages and outpouring of love and support I know the team we really appreciate it. Rest in Peace Tim and thank you for everything."

Gough's family has appreciated the loving messages they have received from his many fans and are asking for privacy as they grieve, Hazell said.

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