US Coast Rescues 3 Teenagers Stranded on California Cliff

Getty Stock Image
Getty Stock Image

The U.S. Coast Guard said they were thankful for favorable conditions that made the rescue possible.

A trio who was stranded on a California cliff near Muir Beach was rescued by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter on Saturday night, according to authorities. A video posted to Twitter shows the crew pulling three people off the cliff around 9 p.m.

"Cliff operations are inherently risky for both ground parties and air crew, and are significantly higher risk during nighttime," said Lt. Cmdr. Eric Schwartz, Air Station San Francisco Dolphin aircraft commander. "We were glad the conditions allowed us to save three lives alongside our partner agencies.”

There were two other people with the trio who were able to get to the top of the cliff. No one was injured.

The Southern Marin fire district is now warning hikers to stay away from edges of cliffs and pay attention to warning signs.

One of the men who was rescued said climbing the cliff was “stupid.”

"There was a point where it was just probably a 50-degree angle loose shale, and I grabbed a rock, and I just came down, I was falling, I was falling on that cliffside," Leo Grossman told ABC 7.

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